How To Easily Build A Gaming PC in 2023 (Step-By-Step Guide)

Gaming PC, or computers customized for gaming, is one of the topics that require a lot of attention, especially when it comes to building a powerful computer specifically for gaming, especially if this is your first time building a PC from scratch. Contrary to what you might think, it is not difficult, but it is one of the easiest things you can do. The feeling that it is difficult is what makes you not want to take the risk, especially if it's your first time building your own PC. This guide will help you build your own PC easily without any problems.

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How To Easily Build A Gaming PC in 2023 (Step-By-Step Guide)

What do you need for your first Gaming PC Build?

  • A set of magnetic Phillips head screwdrivers in different sizes.
  • A magnetic tray to hold different screws.
  • A set of rubber fan mounts to prevent vibrations from cooling fans.
  • A USB flash drive with a ready-to-install Windows version.
  • The computer parts you will be building with.
  • Drivers for the parts you have purchased.

The importance of the Windows flash drive

If you are going to use an old storage disk with Windows already installed, I do not recommend using this installed version. This is because you are converting to a new device, which means that you will encounter many changes in the device's hardware. Therefore, any drivers installed due to the old device are useless and consume space unnecessarily. Therefore, it is best to install Windows from scratch after building the new PC. It is not difficult, and we have explained how to download and burn Windows in a previous article. You can read this article on our website.

The Importance of Magnetic Screwdrivers and Boards

Most computer devices and components use Phillips screws. For those who don't know, these are screws with a cross-shaped indentation on the head. They require special screwdrivers called GM or Cross screwdrivers, named after the + shape on the screw. You will need magnetic screwdrivers to prevent screws from getting lost while building your PC. At the same time, a magnetic board will help you hold screws without losing them. Every screw you handle is essential during installation, so don't lose any of them.

Building a Gaming PC 

1. Determine the Assembly Specifications Based on Your Budget

First, you need to determine the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on the PC. Based on this limit, you can decide which components you can purchase for the device. Keep in mind that the search process may take a long time, so you can avoid going over your budget and buy components that are compatible with each other to avoid the bottleneck effect. This ensures that your new device works smoothly and efficiently. You can continue reading to learn about the bottleneck effect.

Following video below to learn the basics of purchasing a motherboard:

Bottle Neck Effect

Like trying to walk on a bicycle path. Can you do it? The answer is no, because a bike path is not suitable for cars, it is too narrow for them. The same goes for computer components. The components of a computer must be compatible with each other in order to achieve the highest possible performance. The bottle neck effect occurs when the processor and the graphics card are not compatible, one being newer and better than the other. Let's assume that the processor is much better than the graphics card. Due to the fact that the processor is better, it will provide higher performance and speed than what the graphics card can provide. Therefore, there will be a part of the processor's power that cannot be utilized because the graphics card cannot utilize it. You can easily check the degree of this effect using a bottleneck calculator.

2. Building the computer outside the case

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It's better to build your computer outside the designated case to save some space at first. The limited size of the case won't help you install and build the basic components of the computer easily. So start outside of it. You can easily use the motherboard box as a base to start installing the basic components on it. So you put the motherboard on it and start installing the basic components like the processor, RAM, and the processor's heat sink. This is essentially how it works.

Installing Processor 

Installing the processor is easy. Just open the safety arm for the processor's place and put the processor in the right place. You will find a special arrow on the processor pointing to the direction in which you should put the processor, so you cannot go wrong and install the processor incorrectly in any case. After you place the processor in the right place, close the safety cover and lock it with its security key so that the processor stays in place without any problems, and you can then install the heat sink "processor fan" on it. Just note that some processors need to have thermal paste applied before you put the fan on top of them. So check if the paste is already there or if you need to apply it on the processor.
Following video illustrates the differences between AMD and Intel processors:

Installing RAM

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In most cases, there are 4 slots for RAM in the motherboard. To correctly install the RAM in its place, you must first open the locking tabs on both sides of the RAM slot. Then, insert the RAM in the correct direction into the slot. You can determine the correct orientation by looking at the notch in the middle of the RAM connection points, which will match up with a corresponding slot on the motherboard. Finally, press down on the RAM until you hear a click indicating that the locking tabs are securely in place.

Some important steps to follow before purchasing RAM are:

3. Installation inside the case and installing the graphics card 

The next important step is installing the motherboard inside your case. It's important to note that the case should be compatible with your specific motherboard. You can find compatibility information when you purchase the case and on the manufacturer's website. Remember that when building a gaming PC, all components should be compatible with each other. After installing everything you need onto the motherboard, place it inside the case and secure it with the screws provided with the case. Additionally, install your graphics card.

Watch the video to learn what you need to do to buy a new case:

Installing Graphics Card 

You will need to remove a few brackets from the graphics card slots inside the case. Then, carefully insert the graphics card into the designated slot on the motherboard until you hear a click indicating that it's securely in place. Next, secure the graphics card to the case using the brackets that you removed earlier. The pictures will show you the brackets and where to insert the graphics card on the motherboard.

The following video will help you choose the appropriate graphics card for you

4. Installing Cooling Fans

The number of fans that can be installed in each case and their installation locations vary from one case to another. The type of cooler you use, especially if you are using a water cooler, also affects the installation. Remember that you need to balance between air intake fans and air exhaust fans. The idea here is that you want to keep the device in a constant flow of air. There should be cold air pumped into the case and hot air extracted from inside the case to ensure optimal cooling of the device. There are usually indications on the fans that show the direction of the airflow.

5. Installing the Power Supply

The last thing left to do is to install the Power supply. Make sure to buy one that is compatible with your components and provides enough power for your system. Don't buy a low-power Power supply for a gaming PC, as it requires a high power capacity due to its final specifications. All you have to do is install it below the Motherboard in the designated area. Make sure its fan is facing the right direction to create a dedicated airflow. And route the wires from the nearest outlet to behind the Motherboard. In modern Cases, there is a large hole next to the Power supply area that allows you to route and install wires freely.

Connect each cable in its designated place in the Motherboard, HDD, cooling fans, and graphics card as shown in the pictures. You can also use the included tying cables to organize and arrange the cables so that they are not scattered in front of you, and the final shape of the device looks good.

Additional tips: 

  • You can try using the PC Building Simulator application to virtually build your computer before attempting the physical build. 
  • Try not to cause any static electricity while working on the computer. 
  • Read any instruction manuals before beginning the build to avoid mistakes. 
  • Use the screws provided with the components and case appropriately, as any changes can lead to unwanted errors. 

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Instructional video for building a Gaming PC

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