How To Make Money With Merch By Amazon In 2023

Make Money with Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is one of the services of Amazon and enables thousands of people around the world to profit by raising their designs on the Merch by Amazon service and Amazon on your behalf is marketing your design on Amazon's main site and whenever Someone asked to show your design, you will get money while you may be sleeping in your home, and all you have done is that you designed, created the design, raised it to the service, and set the price for the carrier T-shirt for your design.

Alternative service is selling design through the wonderful site You can browse the site and we will make a detailed explanation of its advantages for those who find it difficult to register in Amazon Merch and also do not have an American bank account where only requests a PayPal account to receive your profits . .The site has many great features, we will explain in detail to it, and until then you can browse the site and register it as a designer.

Merch by Amazon courses on Udemy Educational website, at prices from $10 per session to $19

These courses are useful for you if you have the desire to register in Amazon Merch and you will find information about registration, activation and methods of advertising.

1. The first course is the most purchased from Arabs purchased from 3500 people The course price is very cheap

2. The second course was purchased from 200 people

3. The third course was purchased from 33 people

Click here to view the courses in English about Merch by Amazon. You will find courses that thousands of people have purchased

I hope the introduction is clear and below are questions that should benefit you

How to Make Money with Merch by Amazon $12k month

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a self-service program designed to help entrepreneurs, designers, good artists and content creators share their designs through graphics campaigns, clothing, and other accessories with the help of the Amazon on-demand printing service. Amazon Merch on Demand is basically a platform for creators to sell their artwork at no cost.  

The Amazon Commercial Program provides artists, creators and businessmen with additional opportunities to increase their returns since 2015. The program also works as an Amazon answer for competitors in the on-demand printing industry. 

The online community has accepted the Amazon commercial program well, resulting in many Amazon Merch clients being registered on request. Due to the high demand, Amazon chose to convert the on-demand printing service into an invitation only.

However, interested applicants who wish to obtain their own account or obtain entry registration from Merch by Amazon may request an invitation from Amazon by filling out an application form.

How does Merch by Amazon Work?

Amazon Merch on Demand makes it easier for designers and businessmen to create, promote and market their branded goods. Unlike Amazon typical business models, Merch by Amazon does not require costs provided.

Merch by Amazon includes creating a Amazon Merch on Demand account. After creating the account, you can use Merch by Amazon login to access Merch's control panel. Once you are in Merch Dashboard, you can start downloading the artwork of your product, choose the product type and color, and set the listing price.


Amazon will be the one that creates the product page on its platform, which customers will use to buy your product. For each product sold, you earn property rights. In addition, Amazon will be interested in production, shipping and customer service, all at its own expense.

You may ask and say I do not have freight service for all countries of the world؟

The answer is who said that you will ship everything you do a design work that is placed on the T-shirts and Amazon is the one who will display it on the main Amazon site. If your design is beautiful, purchase orders may come to you then Amazon will print your design on the T-shirt and send it to the customer while you are sleeping in your home and all you have done is send them a design.

How do I register in Merch by Amazon؟

Entering the service site and then Request invitation also follow the following videos, who reviewed his experience at length and proved to everyone how he achieved profits in excess of $12k dollars.

Is Merch by Amazon Free?

As mentioned in the preceding discussions, there will be no upfront cost for sellers or creators to use the Merch by Amazon program. 

However, similar to other businesses, you might have to shell out some cash for initial investments. It may include but is not limited to the tools and software you will use to create your designs. 

How to Be More Successful on Merch by Amazon – Amazon Merch Best Practices

Similar to Amazon FBA, there is still competition in Amazon Merch on Demand. To increase success in the program, you can follow the tips outlined underneath:

How to add the US bank and I do not own an American account

Of course, when you put your Arab state bank, Merch by Amazon will refuse and remind you that it is not supported for this solution. The famous and international electronic bank is Bayoner Bank, which is an electronic bank that enables you to receive transfers and gives you a master card Card enables you to withdraw your profits as it is and this most important gives you an American bank account that you can add in Amazon Merch and thus you have exceeded the US bank obstacle requested by Amazon Merch

Marketing plan for your designs

If you think that your designs deserve to take an opportunity to make marketing advertising campaigns for your designs, and this needs you to consult an electronic marketing expert, for example, the target group, for example, American visitors here, can use the advertisement on Facebook or Google Dord and do marketing campaigns for your designs and when clicking, the target customer goes to the product page ” that you posted your ” on Amazon. This is only a point and there are hundreds of ways and ideas to promote your designs in Merch by Amazon.

Design for Success 

Amazon Merch on Demand is a fantastic platform for artists to showcase their designs while earning money. On the other hand, online entrepreneurs could also use the print-on-demand program to expand their revenue source on Amazon. 

Merch by Amazon can definitely help you make extra money online. You can follow the fundamental tips and insights highlighted above to give an extra edge over other stores. 

What if your audience was Arab shoppers?

In my opinion, the idea will succeed and even the price of clicks in advertising campaigns will be less than what will be paid in the click that the target customer pressures if he is an American visitor. For this, you can target in your designs Arab peoples such as Egyptians Or the Saudis or Kuwaitis and make the designs express the state or simulate the clubs and not imitate and so on.. This idea is raw and in my opinion it will succeed because I see designs in Arabic letters and Arabic words in Amazon and it is a product of  Merch by Amazon and it is bought so you do not underestimate my idea and you need effort and research because I put the idea raw :).

Here reviews how he made $12k thousand dollars as well as his account and some details that are important for those wishing to add a monthly income through their designs.

  • If you are not determined and do not have any talent, do not waste your time and register in service, as it appears to be only intended for designers, and Amazon has the great ability to discover any stolen design and may depend on Electronic intelligence in searching for designs on the Internet.

  • As for designers read about Amazon Merch, watch all the explanations, and unleash your creativity in design and do not rush the results. Keep going until your designs get purchase orders.

  • Alternative service is selling design through the wonderful site. You can browse the site and we will make a detailed explanation of its features.

  • The courses above help you and take your hand, which are at symbolic prices of $ 10. You can go back to the beginning of the article and enter the courses on Merch by Amazon and choose the one for you.

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