How to Make Money Selling on eBay for Beginners in 2023

It's no secret that the eBay website is a great e-commerce platform with millions of users around the world. The seller on eBay— pay can take advantage of the potential of his large global audience, but at the same time, the competition is fierce-especially for beginners looking to start from scratch. 

As a beginner on the platform, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and how to get customers to buy from you. While it is possible to build a profitable online business on eBay website, you still need careful planning and execution. 

How to Make Money Selling on eBay

In this beginner's guide, we will give you a brief introduction to the platform and a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to make money selling on eBay including the pros and cons that you should expect.

What is on eBay

eBay is a global site, as it is the first site in the world in buying and selling. He acts as an intermediary in the process of auctions or trade between the seller and the buyer via the internet.

eBay opens its domain to anyone who wants to buy goods, or offer them for sale, and its company also owns an electronic currency known as PayPal.

How to Register on eBay

eBay is one of the largest global sites for buying and selling operations, so that you can participate in it and buy and sell your various goods or goods.

You must first register and open your own account on eBay to participate in global auctions, and you can create your own account for the first time in several steps, namely:

  • Log in to The Official eBay Website

  • Register a new account (if you have an account, you can log in directly).

  • After that you need to enter the required information (name, password, email address).

  • Accept the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy, (consent means that you allow the site to use your personal information).

  • The site will automatically transfer you to the registration screen successfully, and you will receive the user ID that was specified for you. eBay automatically selects the user ID, which will be shown to users during the holding of any tenders, sale or purchase.

  • Now the eBay account is ready.

How to Sell on eBay

eBay website allows you to view all the goods offered without the need for a special account. But it requires the creation of a special account in case of a desire to sell or buy.

138 million active buyers worldwide can be reached through the eBay global marketplace, which operates in more than 190 countries. In order to help sellers and compete in the digital commerce market, eBay develops specialized training programs as well as new tools and products to make selling and reaching more consumers easier.

If you are just starting out, learning the basics of how to sell on eBay eBay website in this guide will get you well on your way to making your first sale.

How to Make Money Seilling on eBay

Profit from eBay

If you want to make material profit and profit from the internet, or when starting your own business and a business venture, eBay is the perfect choice for you.

All you have to do is follow the following steps to start profiting from eBay:

1. Create Account on eBay

Create an Account first on eBay if you do not already have an account in order to have the ability to transact within the site as a seller or buyer.

2. Access to your Personal Account

When you get your own account completely free of charge, you will be able to log in to your My eBay personal account. Then you can send and receive emails, watch tenders, auctions and keep track of your auction tracks.

3. Identification

You must choose your User ID or personal name and this will help you in order to profit from the eBay website.

4. Costs and Fees

Check the costs and fees of eBay during sales, which allows you to choose from several systems.

5. Create a PayPal Account

Open an account on PayPal, provides buyers with payment using a current account or credit card in an easy way. PayPal then transfers the buyer's money to the seller's PayPal account.

About 90 percent of eBay users have a PayPal account, no PayPal account is required for eBay users, but buying and selling will not go smoothly from others.

6. Search for Auctions

EBay provides a unique feature that provides its subscribers with the service of searching for bids that are among the subscribers who do not accept to deal only with PayPal.

7. Selling Things

Select the items you are going to sell and inspect them well. The eBay website provides a tool known as “selling inspiration House “to inspire the sale of household items.

They are used to navigate through the model of selling household items ranging from shoes to computers.

Take a look at what others are selling through eBay and get acquainted with the prices, monitor the popularity of products and their prices to gain enough experience to enable you to profit well.

Sell things that you understand well and know a lot about. Not only because you are required to provide a detailed description about them, but the client may contact you to provide him with some information about your product.

If you are fully aware of it, this will raise the customer's confidence in you and your achievements, increase the percentage of sales and thus achieve the desired profit.

8. Watch Competitors

Monitor other subscribers as well as products that have high efficiency and are sold at a large percentage, search for them and collect all the information about them.

Look for places that provide and sell them at low prices, and then you can offer them on eBay at a slightly higher price to make a material profit through them.

9. Start Slowly

Don't build high imbitions from the first time, eBay is like many other sites, but it is definitely the best. If you are looking for excellence and become one of the strongest sellers on eBay, you should start from scratch, that is, start small.

Introduce some small products at the beginning to give yourself the opportunity to understand and know the secrets of buying and selling . As well as building a good reputation for you, you will gradually grow up with the confidence of your customers and the quality of your products.

At first you will not have customers, work hard to attract customers to you through trust and a good product. After a while, through clients, you can get excellent reviews that will help you build new clients in the future.

Suitable Systems for a New eBay User

If you are a new user of eBay and do not know any of the payment systems and agreements, you choose it. It is better for you to deal according to the ” normal convention “.

The standard agreement means that you will not pay any entry fees for up to 50 listings per month. But you will pay a flat fee for each product you sell at 10 percent.

Some Tips for Successful Make Money on eBay

  • If you have an eBay account and Jah susband, do not use any of the closed account information again to create a new account, and if you use susband, the account will be closed and the account will be closed, as soon as your account is closed, all the data becomes as phone number, PayPal and your email.

  • I advise all of you to create an account at it is the best compared to the rest, as it offers services such as live chat .if you are not a resident of the UK, you should use a free vpn or RDP.

  • You have to be smart in setting payment automatic through which they will deduct taxes, you can put a BIN or put a VCC any virtual card and so you will not pay fees or taxes.

  • Link your account with a PayPal account in order to increase ebay's trust in you.

  • Do not open a seller's account immediately minutes after opening a regular account , before the sale use the account for 4 days or more at a normal pace means open the account daily so the probability of closing your account will decrease.

  • Do not put words such as ebook or pdf in the title because it will cause the closure of your account . That is, change the letter O to zero 0 or, for example, write like this F. D. P.

  • Do not put any famous company name in the description or sales data.

  • You must use an activated PayPal so that problems never happen to you.

  • Do not open the account from a device, browser or IP address that has been attacked by susband.

  • Correspond with eBay chat if you have any problem and you can also correspond with him via SKYPE directly via your phone.

  • Don't tell the chat that you are selling digital products, just tell them that you are selling your own products and they are handmade, so their trust in you increases.

  • Place products such as keys on holidays i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

  • Never get into trouble with the buyer and always tell him that you are right because if you are selling digital products and he went and complained.

eBay will take his money and close your account.

  • When trying out your account at the beginning, put something tangible and at a very, very high price so as not to buy it, you probably don't have.

The product cannot be shipped.

  • Always be careful in your dealings with other sellers.

  • Set reasonable prices means do not put books at a price of 0.9 dollars, then they will complain that you are not honest and no one will buy from you either.

  • Take advantage of the listing promoted feature that makes your products top search engines and always appear to people.

  • Be clear in the description, in the title and in the photos, that is, do not leave anything blurry.

  • Always make sure the buyer is satisfied.

  • Make sure that the key you send is valid for use and always be honest.

  • If you are selling tangible products, always put a little more shipping time than normal so as not to get problems such as delays, taking care to provide the buyer with a Tracking number in order to track his product.

  • I do a lot of research on ebay, see sellers and ways to sell them, product descriptions and addresses, always search and monitor all the details so that you learn and gain more experience.

In the end, I hope I have benefited you, because here I have dealt with examples of digital products, namely books and keys, eBay is the best way for everyone who wants to profit from the internet for free, but there are so many areas that you can profit from eBay from selling Netflix accounts, you can sell courses many and many legal things.

As for the letter that I told you about when sending it to the buyer.

This is generally an overview and tips on making money from eBay for beginners, when thinking about making money from the internet, you just have to start and try everything yourself.

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