How To Make Money With Amazon KDP in 2023 (For Beginners)

 Make Money on Amazon KDP Tutorial Guide in 2023

Many people have become preferring to engage in projects on the electronic network instead of traditional projects,and one of these projects that has become increasingly popular is the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Amazon project for automatic book publishing or what is known as KDP for short. 

and this project is great for several things in this post we will provide a detailed explanation for everyone who wants to enter the field to see it where we will explain KDP Amazon in terms of features, method of work and many things related to this project.

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First: What is The Amazon KDP project

Make Money on Amazon KDP - Amazon Kindle

One of Amazon's flagship projects was launched in November 2007, authors and publishers use it to publish their books for sale through this platform,either in digital ebook or paperback format, so that Amazon shares profits with the content creator and the company also prints the books and sends them to the customer.

so the content creator still has to prepare and display the book and Amazon handles the rest of the things.

Second: Should I Be a Writer to Work on Amazon KDP

The answer is no, it is enough to be a designer and a skilled person in searching for profitable areas and niches and making designs on them, because as mentioned earlier, Amazon offers two options for lifting books either ebook or paperback.

Ebooks: are digital books that can be purchased and read only as a pdf file , therefore they must have readable content such as a story, novel, or scientific book, and this is often not suitable for 90% of us to work on them because it needs a strong English language and strong internal content at the same time.

Paperback: these are paper books that can be printed, and this is what we will work on, as it includes books with Little Content, such as coloring books and activity books for children. 

which we can design and prepare with ease or books without content, such as a notebook, which is a cover and Ruler pages like the ones we use in schools and universities, so when there is internal content for the book ready, we still have to design a creative cover to compete with the rest.

Third: is The Amazon KDP Project Profitable

Certainly, it is very profitable and profitable based on what I see on the ability of hundreds of Arab people to get thousands of dollars a month only from books with no content and little content,

and based on my personal experience as well, for sure if you work on it now and learn, you will eventually get experience and this experience will lead you to imaginary profits in a short period provided you continue to work.

learn and pay attention to the content away from the profits at the beginning and the money will come by itself later.

As for how the mechanism of the profit when you like the offer the book value of 6.99$ and a customer buy one get Amazon to price the cost of creating the book and also on the ratio of profits or what is called a tax.

and not to mention the details because you will see it when determining the selling price, when the presentation of the book value of 6.99$ would be your profit from the sale of one copy is 1.90$ and it is up to you to determine the price.

For example, can put a price 7.99$ to 2.90$ for every sale, but this depends on the area the school is located on the niche that you're working on, it is not reasonable to put the book 9.99$ and competitors they put in 5.99$ for example.

You might say that a profit of $2 from each copy is not a big profit ! No, dear, when you have thousands of books uploaded, and this is easy, some people upload thousands of books during one month, then you will get hundreds of dollars a day, and therefore thousands of dollars a month.

Fourth: Why do you have to Register on Amazon KDP Right Now

Currently, to get an account, you need an account at Pioneer Bank and your personal information, then register and get an account directly, but often the system will be changed to become like merish by Amazon merch by amazon.

That is you will submit the application, then Amazon will review this application and approve or reject, and many know that the acceptance rate will be very low, so we advise you to get an account right now and you can head to YouTube to find dozens of explanations of how to get an account.

Fifth: What Do I Need to Start the Amazon KDP Project

You need a computer connected to an internet network and an average knowledge of designing on one of the programs such as Photoshop, then create an account and start learning and working hard, focus on the issue of learning and continue to do so. 

Also, you don't have to wait for profits after a business day, two days, or even a month or two, they may come late, but they are definitely worth it.

To be honest, I came across some people who work by phone and get amazing profits, but the method is tiring and limited at the same time, it's better to work on a computer because you will be dealing with powerpoint files, pdf files, and others.

Sixth: What Will The CoursNews Website Offer you for This project

We will explain this project and how to profit and benefit from it in detail and we will try to give you the best strategies to benefit and profit from this project and th00pe right way to profit from it in addition to the way to design and make books, especially books related to children's activities.

I and a few of the pioneers of working on print-on-demand platforms,you can log in and request to join the Group, place your inquiries, as well as follow up on the published topics and discussions raised.

Seventh: Registration on Amazon KDP

A group of people run away and give up on this project because of the registration process, which they think is complicated at first glance, but believe me. 

if you try to register by following the steps carefully, you can get an account within a short period of time, the registration process involves a rather long Information filling process, but in the end it is simple.

Many people, when hearing about the tax information, American bank accounts, or Pioneer account, and a bunch of these things, give up getting the account. 

At first, I wanted to put a photo explanation of the registration process on Amazon kdp, but because of the many steps, it may seem difficult to me. 

and therefore I searched for you in the Arabic content for the best video in which you can watch how to register on Amazon kdp with ease.

In the end, I will provide the blog with several articles about this project as I told you earlier, so don't skimp on me sharing this post with your friends for encouragement, peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.

General Summary

All you should know, when you accept to start your project, on the Amazon Kindle platform, is that being patient at first is very important. And you shouldn't despair from the first glance, let go of everything and withdraw. Rather, take your steps well, and apply all the steps described in the article, which you will see through the video and in full, so that you can open an account on this platform. 

Thus, you will be able to work comfortably and in a simple way. Where you will see the profit that you always hear about, namely, profit from the internet, and you will become those who were able to make a fortune, working away from the constraints of the job.

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