Resident Evil 4 World S Free Download PC Game Full Version

Resident Evil 4 World S Free Download PC Game Full Version

Announcement Today the Launch Presentation of The expected Resident Evil 4 World S Mod was released and it is a mod developed created by SAAD ALHUMAIDAN (CORAZON) a Saudi Arab Developer and owner of the Corazon YouTube Channel and he has been developing the mod for almost two years.

Corazon one of the top modders in the Resident Evil community proudly announces the release of its Mod World S for the original version of Resident Evil 4.

In the program in this mode areas such as the village or Salazar Castle have been completely modified and enemy positions have been completely revised.

Salazar Castle has changed its shape so much that the various corridors and rooms are unrecognizable even to someone who has finished the game thirty times...

Part of the castle will incidentally be dedicated to a giant mission or puzzle in style reminiscent of the much-missed Resident Evil 3.5. Other surprises await fans of this mod according to its creator.

Be warned, this is a mod that looks very difficult, even for veterans of the base game, prepare to die until…

 Resident Evil 4 World S Features

 ▪  Create 28 New Maps.

 ▪  Comprehensive Improvement of Maps.

 ▪  New Enemy Design.

 ▪  xxxxx Design (Not Revealed now to be a Surprise at The Time of Launch).

 ▪  Distribution of Enemies and Map Programming.

 ▪  Distribution of Bullets Keys and Treasures.

 ▪  Recent Improvements.

Resident Evil 4 World S will be available on February 28th, and here is its launch announcement:

Many Additions to Free Download PC Game The Original Game including weapons, enemies, etc., and it is likely that it will be the best mod released for the Resident Evil 4 game ever. I leave you with the Launch Trainer.

NOTICE: The Mod will be Released on 2.28.2023 and Will be Available on PC only

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