20+ Easy Ways to Make Money From Home in 2023

Easy Ways to Make Money From Home Online for Free is one of the best options for making money from the Internet for beginners, as it does not require them to have any capital to spend in the beginning.

Whether you are looking for additional side work, or you want a job that fits your studies or complex life, or for any reason you want to increase your income, these sites may be what you are looking for.

This is what we will present to you in this article, in which we will show you the most important and best profit sites from the Internet for free, and how to profit from each site … Prepare your coffee and start reading now.

How to Make Money From Home

First: Freelance Websites and Microservices

Self-employment sites are one of the most famous and best sites for profit from the Internet for free. You will not have to provide capital to get started, but you will have to learn a skill and master it, then start providing that service to those interested in it.

But these sites are very competitive, so make sure that you have a high level of skill before entering it in order to find yourself a place on it.

How to Make Money From Home

Self-employment sites and micro-services from free online profit sites also you do not have to start with all of them at the same time, so start with one or two, and then expand in the future. The most famous, safe and reliable of these sites, whether Arabic or foreign, are:

1. Freelancer

One of the famous freelance sites spread all over the world, and it is used in about 250 countries around the world, with a number of users of up to 50 million people.

In it you can apply for the projects presented by the project owners, and then the project owner chooses the freelancer that he deems appropriate for him.

2. Fiverr

Pfeiffer is one of the most popular, reliable and safe freelance websites for any user, whether a service provider or project owner.

However, working on it is a little different from Freelancer, as the Freelancer offers its mini-service on Pfeiffer, which includes the price and details, and the service requester purchases it.

3. Upwork

The Upwork platform is one of the largest and most popular freelancing sites, with tens and hundreds of thousands of projects available every month.

It is similar in its working system to the Freelancer website, and what distinguishes it most is the ease of searching for service providers by narrowing the search scope according to the required service.

So if you decide to work on it, make sure to set up your personal account in the best way possible and market yourself well.

4. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform is very different from the rest of the previous freelancing sites, as it is a social media platform specialized in work and employment.

But - if it is professional - it may be your way to profit from the Internet for free through self-employment or remote work.

The closest example to this is me. I started working on the winners site after I saw the job advertisement on Linkedin and applied for it.

Second: Social Media Platforms

How to Make Money From Home

Social media is one of the most popular and sometimes easiest sites for profit from the Internet, as you will not have to pay any costs for these sites.

In many cases, you will not need to learn difficult and complex skills, but rather learn some simple and easy things, such as managing the official pages of companies or stores.

And profit on social media is very diverse;  You can earn from it in dozens of ways, and you can see our list of the top 8 ways to profit from social media.

Among The Most Important Social Media Platforms That You Can Profit From:

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most important sources of profit on social media. Whatever your interests or experiences, you will find many who share them with you and are interested in them from the YouTube audience.

This is what makes it the source of livelihood for millions of people now around the world, and all you have to do to join them is to fulfill the conditions for profit from YouTube.

Or even if you do not want to start earning from ads, there are many other ways to profit from YouTube without Adsense that you can look at.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a bit different from YouTube where you can rely on read-only content without the need for photography and video making.

It is also considered a fertile environment for profit, as you can use the Facebook store, market your services, manage pages, or even create pages and sell them in the future when you collect a large number of followers, or even rent advertising space on your page.

If you follow YouTube lead and start creating videos, it will require you to collect at least 30,000 one-minute views for videos longer than three minutes in the last 60 days.

3. TikTok

Among the sites that we mentioned before, TikTok is certainly the easiest and fastest one to profit from the Internet.

Besides the fact that creating short content is easier than creating long content like YouTube requires, it is also faster to spread and attract views.

Therefore, you have to keep it in mind while you are making content, and TikTok requires that you achieve 100,000 views during the last 30 days with a number of followers exceeding 10,000 followers.

4. Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that may earn its users thousands of dollars per month, but in different ways.

As the platform is more suitable for e-commerce and influencer marketing than ads and videos on previous platforms.

5. Twitch

Twitch is not a social networking site like the previous sites, but it is a very popular site in the field of live broadcasts, especially in the gaming field.

And it is possible to earn through it in various ways, such as your channel subscriptions and ads during the broadcast, in addition to the possibility of sponsorship and receiving gifts.

Third: Blogging Sites

How to Make Money From Home

 You may think at first glance that blogging is not the right way for you, whether because you are not good at writing or do not know much about websites and their management, or even you cannot think of content to write about.

 But quite contrary to what you think, blogging is not that complicated, but in a few hours you can create your own blog and start posting on it.

 You can use blogging platforms to profit from the Internet for free in several ways: such as Adsense or affiliate ads, renting advertising space, and others.

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can start without paying a single cent, and after getting profits from your blog, you start moving to more professional and specialized options.

Fourth: Commission Marketing Sites

How to Make Money From Home

 We mentioned this type of profit from the Internet for free after networking sites and blogging sites because it is a little more difficult than it is, and requires learning some other skills.

 On the other hand, the affiliate is one of the most profitable ways to profit from the Internet for free, as you can earn thousands of dollars a month from it after becoming a professional.

 You can check out our guide to learn more: Steps to profit from affiliate marketing (detailed practical guide).

 You can also learn about the best affiliate sites that you can profit from in our article: Commission marketing and what you need to earn thousands of dollars from it

Fifth: Websites Selling Photos, Designs and Music

How to Make Money From Home

These sites are dedicated to specific groups, which are photographers, graphic designers and videographers, where they can publish their high-quality work on these sites and get paid for it.

Where the designer or photographer takes a certain percentage for each purchase or download of his work that he published on the site, that is, he gets a large passive income that continues as long as his work is on the site.

There are many sites on the Internet and work on them is completely free, and all you will need to start profiting from them is to register your data and verify some information.

Among The Easy Ways to Make Money From Home Online for Free by Selling Pictures, Designs and Music:

 1. Designhill

One of the most famous marketplaces for selling designs on the Internet, the site is divided into two parts where you can sell your designs on it and you can also use it as a design tool.

There are a huge number of types of designs that you can display on it, such as logos, books, business cards, and others.

Designhill is known for providing very good paying designer contests and being very strict about protecting their financial dealings.

 2. Creative Market

 This site is one of the favorite sites for many designers around the world, and it allows them to sell a large number of types of designs such as fonts, graphics, website templates, and even 3D designs.

 Where the designer can open his own store on it completely free of charge, and display his designs in front of millions of users at the prices he wants.

3. Envato

If you have had even a little contact with the field of making and editing videos or design in general, then you must have used this site or at least know it.

It is one of the largest marketplaces on the Internet for selling images, videos, music, and visual and audio effects for video makers, and it also contains a market for selling WordPress templates and website designs in general.

The site has a very large number of users, which guarantees you a high purchase rate for your designs, and it also contains the AudioJungle store, which allows the sale of all audio services, whether music or sound effects.

 4. Freepik

Freepik is a site where you, as a designer, can sell your work such as images, fonts, templates, and design samples to millions around the world.

As a designer, you will not have to pay anything to register and start working on it, and in return you will ensure that your work will be paid for on a site that receives more than 18 million visits per month.

 5. PremiumBeat

If you are not good at design and none of the sites we mentioned in the list suit you, then this may be your most suitable option.

 It specializes in providing sound effects and music to its users, but to work on it you have to fulfill some conditions: such as that your works are completely original, and that they are exclusive only on this site, and of course the work cannot have rights to any third party.

Sixth: Websites for Publishing and Selling Ccourses

How to Make Money From Home

Profit from selling courses is one of the best options for making money online for free that may help you make hundreds of dollars per month, especially if you are an expert in a required field.

There are also many unexplored opportunities in this field in the Arab world, and I recommend it to you if you know a lot about a field or specialization.

Among The Best Sites and Platforms for Profit From Courses:

1. Udemy

 It is one of the best and largest platforms in the field of courses, whether for those who want to learn, or for those who want to create courses and earn money.

In order to start working on it, you must first submit an application in order to start creating courses, and then, after receiving approval, you will be able to start creating content details such as videos, assignments, and others.

But because the platform is famous and known to millions around the world … it takes a large commission that may exceed half the price of the course on each sale.

2. Skillshare

This platform differs slightly from the Udemy platform, as it does not depend on purchasing one course at a time, but rather on paying a specific subscription on a monthly or annual basis and opening all its courses to the subscriber, and if you are accepted as a teacher on it, you will take a specific amount after the user completes to watch your course.

It also differs from Udemy in that it is better for your courses to be in English rather than Arabic, because the majority of the platform’s subscribers are English-speaking foreigners.

3. Thinkfic

This platform is not considered as popular as the previous two platforms, but it is still a good option, especially given the ease of application.

Seventh: Profit Sites from Surveys and Testing Services

How to Make Money From Home

The last types of profit sites from the Internet for free on our list are profit sites from surveys and experiments, which although we do not recommend going to them, but we had to mention them.

The reason why we do not advise them is that they will not bring you the great profit that you aspire to, and because many of them steal user data.

If you plan to profit in the long term, then starting any of the free online profit sites that we mentioned before will be more beneficial for you.

On survey sites, you are not required to have any kind of experience or skill at all, but all you will do is take some of your time to do some operations.

Such as filling out surveys, trying applications and websites, giving your opinion about them, and the like.

Among the most important of these sites:

1. Swagbucks

 You can earn from this site by answering some surveys and questions, as companies pay large sums to the site in order to obtain those answers that interest them.

 You can answer some questions during your free time and earn some money from that, and you can also earn from watching videos and playing games provided by the site as well.

 2. Mistplay

The electronic games market is one of the largest markets on the Internet, so many game companies try their games first before putting them on the market.

This is what you will do on this site, as it enables you to play and try games in exchange for prizes that it gives you, and the more you play, the higher your profits.

 3. Usertesting

 This site is clear from its name, as it works to make users test websites and services for a small fee.

Websites go to it to know the extent of their visitors' satisfaction with the services they provide, and the prices they pay for one test vary according to the site.

4. Mobrog

It is one of the sites that enable you to earn through surveys, but unlike previous sites such as Swagbucks, it is available in Arabic.

 If you do not master English and want to profit from these sites, then this application and site may be your best choice for profit from the Internet for free.


Money will not prevent you from starting to earn money from the Internet, as there are many great sites through which you can earn money from the Internet for free.

In This Article We Provided You With 7 Types of Easy Ways to Make Money From Home Online for Free:

  1. Freelance Websites and Microservices.
  2. Social Media Platforms.
  3. Blogging Sites.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Sites.
  5. Sites Selling Photos, Designs and music.
  6. Websites for Publishing and Selling Courses.
  7. Profit Sites From Surveys and Experiments.

In the end, we hope that we have helped you and made it easier for you to start earning online for free and if you have any questions you can ask us in the comments below.

Imead Rmouche
By : Imead Rmouche
Programmer and developer of websites. I have been working in the fields of print-on-demand as a designer since 2019. I have entered into many fields of business and profit online , and I strive to be a part of foreign technical content in an effort to enrich this content in various fields.

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