9 Easy Way to Increase your Instagram Engagement in 2023

Increase your Instagram Engagement

Increasing interaction on Instagram requires understanding a set of basic rules and steps and to understand them follow our article …

Instagram Platform is characterized by a greater interaction rate than other social media platforms, as it is no longer just an ordinary platform for sharing photos with friends or sharing pictures of some products, but rather it has become an effective and powerful tool for building success and attracting audiences from all over the world. In our great article, we will learn about the most important rules and methods that you need in order to increase the number of your followers on Instagram.

Interaction on Instagram

Interaction on the Instagram platform is a powerful measure that includes a set of actions that take place on the platform such as comments, shares, likes or saves and mentions, in addition to writing a set of brand hashtags and clicks on external links, in addition to direct messages.

So that interaction on the Instagram account is a strong indicator of great importance that goes beyond being clear evidence that the content is of great importance to the audience. So that increasing interaction on the Instagram account has become one of the main factors in the algorithms of the platform. When interaction increases, the probability of your content appearing in News feeds increases, and then it attracts the attention of the audience.

The Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

How to Increase Instagram Followers for Free

1. Create Memorable Content

The content that is memorable and encouraging to save is the content that the audience wants to see again. It takes the form of valuable advice and useful information, such as easy-to-understand guides and guides on a complex topic.

Brainstorm in order to find valuable ideas that interest and benefit your audience and represent one of the real values ​​for it, and then add to the content a phrase that urges the audience to save this content and convinces them to visit again later.

2. Honest and Reliable Content

It is better to provide honest and reliable content on social media platforms than to provide official and flowery content. Being credible and showing the real aspects creates a solid and strong connection with the audience, which encourages more interaction on Instagram content. The audience respects honesty more than it respects perfection.

So share human and honest content like behind-the-scenes footage or write a humorous comment or post.


3. Promote your Account on Social Media

Post the Instagram account link on each platform. Take advantage of all your accounts on social media in order to increase followers on Instagram. The more followers you have on Instagram, the greater the chances of interacting with your account. All you have to do after they reach the Instagram account safely is to display the content they like, and it's only a matter of time before you notice the increase in engagement on Instagram.


4. Test and analyze the type of content

One of the great advantages of social networking sites is that they are designed in a distinctive way so that companies can experiment temporarily. If this marketing method works, analytics will tell you so, and if it does not work, you can benefit from the error with minimal losses. So take advantage of this feature, discover the best and strongest for your brand, test it, then notice the results and make adjustments.

This means testing new types of content such as quotes, infographic designs, customer-generated content about your product, behind the scenes, as well as vlogs and a range of live video broadcasts. You can also try posting videos of different lengths of content through the Instagram IGTV feature. You can post long videos.


5. Giving Gifts

The numbers show that contests and giveaways get three and a half times more likes and 64 times more comments than all other posts. So that this tactic seems to be one of the golden ways to increase interaction on the account of Instagram, as it is good at employing a common desire among many people to obtain goods for free.

Promotion through giveaways and contests is not very expensive, but it does require a good amount of planning. Therefore, in the beginning, select the products that will be a gift to the contestants in return for performing a specific action such as following the account, mentioning or liking the post …..etc.

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6. Post at The Best Time

Instagram algorithms reward posts that get a lot of engagement in a short time by giving them a high ranking in followers' News Feed. This method is also based on a simple, smart and effective procedure, which is to post at the times - days and hours - when the audience is most active on Instagram.

Depending on the difference in the target audience for each company, the lifestyle will differ, and the usage habits will also differ with it. Therefore, the best way to know when your audience is active is to track their interactions with posts to deduce the most engaging times.



7. Inject Some Fun Into your Content

Instagram is one of the most fun social platforms like Snapchat. A culture of filters, quirky and fun photos and videos that drive engagement rates. Humorous content has become a guest on many brands' accounts.

8. Create Shareable Content

Think about the nature of the content your audience likes to share, so it should be relevant to what they want and need. For example infographic designs, unique quotes and data.

Instagram allows easy sharing of posts on stories or in private messages, which helps to reach more people, so this feature represents an important opportunity that must be taken advantage of.

9. Add Captions to Video

It is an addition that may seem marginal, but it is very important if you know that 40% of stories videos on Instagram are watched without sound. When you spend more effort and time producing a unique video on Instagram, of course, you prefer that your message be delivered strongly and in the highest possible quality, and that the viewer is fully aware of it.

So in light of the preference of many users to watch videos with the sound muted, you will have to keep this in mind. The same statistic said that 80% of people thought that captions increase the likelihood of watching a video to the end.

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