Ways to Improve Your Website's User Experience

Ways to Improve Your Website's User Experience

Google has started launching a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools , specifically in Search Console statistics , where it is now possible to view the website's achievements .

The Achievements page in Search Console Insights is a page where you can track your progress and celebrate your achievements over the course of your website. Wherethe achievements that have been achieved and are in progress appear on the page , on the other hand, there are valuable tips on the page to improve the appearance of the website and bring more visitors. Here are some of those tips.

New achievements Page in Search Console statistics

The Achievements page is intended to help you track the progress of your website and get inspiration for new ideas . You should know that this service is not designed to reflect the mechanism of ranking results in Google.

Website Achievements in Webmaster Statistics

How is the achievement shown for your website determined?

Google analyzes your website data from 2019 to today, based on the date you verified your website in Google Search Console. Then, you determine the most relevant achievement for your website that is still in progress , based on the number of clicks your website received from Google Search.

Through the Achievements page in Search Console Insights , you can access custom filters in Google Webmaster Tools , for example, pages that have achieved lower viewership in the most recent period versus the previous period.

One of the website's achievements in Search Console statistics

Website optimization tips

Here are some of the optimization tips that webmasters need to improve their website and improve their online visibility as well as tips for coming up with great ideas for creating content that people will search for.

Find an idea you like

Queries can be a good source of inspiration on what topics to write about and ways to improve your existing and new content . Queries can help you identify questions and information that users need, for example:

  • Search for a topic or question that interests you on Google, then check out the " Questions Others Asked " and " Related Searches " sections for additional ideas related to your search.
  • See the top trending search queries on your website in Search Console Insights to see which type of content is most in demand and generate more of it.
  • Use Google Trends to determine what users are searching for in the context of a topic or query of interest to you.

Create Good Content

After you have identified an idea that you like and that you think might interest enough users, try searching for it on Google and getting inspiration from the content that is currently available. By innovating and refining these ideas, you can create valuable content that engages your audiences .

It is also important to have an attractive page title that is relevant to the content and to the ways users search for content on Google. You can read more tips in our SEO guide for beginners and helper content guide .

Help users find your content

After creating good content , think about how you can help relevant audiences discover it by getting it in front of them, for example:

  • Share links to your new content in places where you can find your potential audiences , such as on social media, groups and articles on other websites and forums.
  • When possible, include links to the most popular content on your website , which will help readers find that content.

Create content that looks modern and attractive

Ensure that content is displayed in an eye-catching, modern design , and that texts are easily readable on mobile devices. Visuals can have a powerful impact, especially high-quality photos and videos.

Top Ways to Enhance Website User Experience

Just like SEO for mobile, designing a website that provides a rewarding and valuable user experience can seem like a tall feat. The good news? There's no shortage of ways you can enhance the user experience. Below are some of the top tips that should rank high in your priority list.

Ask for minimal information.

If you want visitors to sign up for your email list, ensure you ask for the least amount of information possible. Many sites now only ask for the first name and the email address. This is perfectly acceptable for many.

Once you start asking for more information, visitors' chances of filling out the form can go down dramatically. Keep in mind that we live in a fast-paced world, and most online visitors don't have the time to fill out lengthy forms. As a general rule of thumb, ask only for the information you need.


Your site visitors want (and expect) a fast, rewarding, and seamless user experience each time they visit. That said, you should design your site to ensure they know where to go and they can find what they are looking for and complete transactions without a hitch. Look at your website through your visitors' eyes and make sure it's designed with their satisfaction, convenience, and best experience in mind.

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