How Much Does Facebook Pay For Views in 2023

How Much Does Facebook Pay For Views in 2023? What are The Conditions For Profit From Facebook?  Profit Through Facebook Videos is One of The Most Direct profit Methods that can be used. He just needs a Facebook page in order to make money and work on it. Therefore through CoursNews, we will show you the answer to the question of how much Facebook pays for views in 2023 in the article below.

How Much Does Facebook Pay For Views  in 2023

Earning through Facebook videos is very similar to earning from YouTube videos.  Therefore The Owner of each Facebook page uploads the videos and shares them with the followers You can also participate in an advertising program through which advertisements are placed on the videos.

From these ads Facebook will generate the required profit with the video owners sharing part of these profits.  In this way Facebook video owners earn profit through their videos.

Although it is one of the easy ways to earn through videos on Facebook.  However, there are some conditions imposed by Facebook that must apply to the owner of the page.

As for the answer to the question, how much does Facebook pay for views in 2023, The Profits will be 55% for The Owner of The Video, while Facebook share will be 45%. and this is the percentage of profit on the Internet in general, but this percentage is confirmed when all conditions for profit are met.

Conditions for Monetizing Facebook Videos

There are many conditions that Facebook imposes in order to make a profit through videos, and the most prominent of these conditions are:

  • Post videos through a Facebook page and not through your personal account Page.

  • Must have a Minimum of 10,000 Followers

  •  You must have at least 30,000 views in the   last 60 days for 1 minute Videos with these   Views must be 3 minutes long At least minutes you provide.

  • The profit feature is available through Facebook in the country in which you reside and the language in which the videos are spread, as there are many languages ​​and countries in which profit is not available through Facebook videos, but with the passage of time the Facebook administration will do so that is add these countries.

  • Monetization eligibility criteria, which is a set of criteria and conditions for video content.

Who can Earn From Facebook Videos

Profiting from Facebook through videos is not easy, and no one can earn from Facebook just by wanting to, there are some categories that can do this, and the categories that can achieve profit are as follows:

  • Content creators who own content on Instagram, YouTube, or any other platform.

  • Everyone who wants to profit from the Internet and has the ability to continue working.

  • Those who work in the field of marketing, and want to benefit from the social networking site Facebook.

  • Also, who has a large page on Facebook  Facebook and people interact with it.

If you are one of these categories, you can start making profits through Facebook, and you must also have the enthusiasm and ability to continue.

Can I Profit From The Videos That I will Publish?

Facebook has made it clear in its policy that the duration of the video you want to earn from must be three minutes, and there are some other things and policies that the company did not explicitly mention;  This is because it is based on information known to all people.

But there are many people trying to fulfill these conditions by publishing videos related to others, forgetting that there is a copyright, and that they are not entitled to benefit from these videos after they publish them, then they apply and are surprised by the rejection;  This is because the content he posted was stolen, and if this process is repeated, Facebook will close the page.

The content that must be provided to profit from Facebook

Monetization with Facebook videos is made through the content you post on your page, which can be:

  • Variety of video montages.

  • Also, you can watch content on YouTube and try to imitate it in your own way.

  • Record annotations with your voice, as you can't show your face.

  • If you have the skill of speaking, record videos of you and put them on Facebook to earn money and profit.

Tips For making Money from Facebook

You can reach the best results and make the best profits through Facebook, which will make a big difference over time. Among the most important of these tips:

  • It is also recommended that you have a longer video so try to make your video at least 5-7 minutes long so that you can place more than one ad in each video without affecting the viewer's experience this method will increase your percentage and thus more  From the profits.

  • You do not have the right to publish videos that you do not own the rights to, because Facebook works to block any page that does these things, and it is also possible to reach the end of the matter to delete the videos and your page.

  • You should take advantage of the post scheduling feature where Facebook enables you to schedule clips  your videos so use this feature to upload your videos once to save your time set a publishing date for your videos at times when your followers are online you should follow the digital analytics tools on Facebook, these analytics give you the best times when the audience is  There is a lot so use this information when posting videos.

  • You should follow the digital analytics tools on Facebook, these analytics give you the best times when the audience is there most, so use this information while posting your videos.

  • Divide the content you want into a series of videos In order to be able to place more ads on the videos.

  • Facebook allows you to choose the placement of ads during videos So choose the right times, when you can put a little interesting information in the video To encourage the viewer to watch the entire ad and follow the video, the more the ad is seen in full, the more revenue will be generated.


In this topic we explained to you how much Facebook pays for 2023 views. In addition to the conditions imposed by Facebook to generate profit through videos  And the people who can monetize the videos on Facebook and the content that must be provided to monetize the video And some tips to achieve the best results and profits through Facebook videos.

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