Elementor Review: Should You Use It in 2023?

Elementor Review

Elementor is one of the most famous and powerful tools in the field of creating websites customizing and modifying their pages. You can use the tool to build your entire site or to modify its pages and give it an attractive and modern look all easily and through simple steps.

In this article, we provide you with a detailed review of the Elementor tool for building websites and online stores and modifying their pages. We also introduce you to all the different uses of the tool in the field of websites.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is basically a tool designed to build web pages, but it provides several other services, Most of these services revolve around customizing website pages or building websites or online stores via WordPress from scratch.

Basically, the Elementor tool works side by side with WordPress, in other words, instead of using WordPress to create and modify your site pages, you can rely on the Elementor tool, which offers a greater number of customization and modification options.

Elementor works in the popular drag and drop style. With this method, you can create interesting and visually appealing pages without the need for much technical expertise or the trouble of understanding and modifying code.

The Elementor tool enables you to control and modify all the visual elements of your site in line with the identity of your site. Through the tool, you can control the lines and sections of your pages, add graphics, static and animated visual effects, and many more.

How to Use Elementor

Multiple Uses of Elementor In the field of creating and editing web pages, the tool provides several sub-tools to help you create pages based on the nature of your site.

These tools are:

1. Elementor + WordPress

Elementor with WordPress is a tool for those who want to create a WordPress site directly through Elementor, this tool creates your WordPress site in simple steps.

Instead of buying hosting, then downloading WordPress on it, and then installing the Elementor tool yourself, the tool does all this for you. First, you choose the template and nature of your site, then subscribe to the tool’s price plan (see the following image):

Elementor + WordPress

The Elementor pricing plan with WordPress gives you the following benefits:

  • Hosting your site on the Google cloud platform.

  • The ability to install WordPress on hosting through one step.

  • A tool to build your website and pages in a drag and drop style.

  • The ability to choose your website template from among 100 high-quality pre-made templates.

  • Technical support that you can communicate with around the clock via e-mail or chat box.

Elementor + WordPress subscription price is $99 paid annually.

2. Elementor + WooCommerce

Elementor with WooCommerce is a tool for users who want to create an online store. This tool provides you with the ability to create an online store using the popular WooCommerce tool in the field of E-commerce:

In other words, through simple steps, you will have an online store on WordPress with many tools and features such as:

  • A tool for categorizing products and dividing them into categories.

  • A tool to add a short description of the products you sell on the store.

  • A tool to show products that are related to or similar to other products.

  • A tool that provides the possibility of evaluating products by customers.

  • Possibility to add pictures of products.

Refer to the following image to see all the tools provided by the WooCommerce tool:

Elementor tools for WooCommerce

All this within the Elementor Professional plan, which provides the following features:

  • Hosting your site on the Google cloud platform.

  • SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare.

  • Content Distribution Network or CDN provided by Cloudflare.

  • 20 GB storage space.

  • 100 GB data transfer capacity per month.

  • The popular Hello template designed by Elementor.

  • The tool installs WordPress on your site or store for you.

  • The ability to modify the pages of the site through the drag and drop tool.

  • The ability to choose a design for your website or store from among 100 pre-made designs.

  • Distinguished technical support.

  • The possibility of receiving about 100 thousand visitors per month.

The price of the Elementor + WooCommerce plan subscription is $ 99, paid annually. This plan also includes the store template, hosting, and the Elementor tool in its professional version.

For more information on ways to create an online store, we recommend that you review our article on this topic.

3. Hello Template

Hello Template is a pre-made template designed by the same company that developed the Elementor tool. The template is free, and you can download it directly from the WordPress template store and install it on your site in the normal way of installing templates.

Hello template provides several features, the most important of which are:

  • The template is only 6KB in size.

  • The template is fast loading (it loads completely in a quarter of a second).

  • The template is compatible with all different device widths (computer - smartphone - tablet).

  • The template is SEO Compliant.

  • The template is constantly updated (the last update was last December).

  • The template supports a large number of languages (including Arabic).

  • The template supports more than 100 plugins that can be installed on it.

  • The template has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by users.

  • The template supports a variety of uses (it can be used as a landing page, website or online store)

  • The template supports a variety of website areas such as education, business, multimedia, and others.

4. Add Elementor Plugin

As you have noticed; Most of the tools provided by Elementor need to subscribe to a paid plan to get them. This is not the case with the free Elementor plugin, which can be installed on your WordPress site as a plugin or plugin.

Elementor widget add-on can be obtained from its page on the WordPress plugin store. Installing the plugin is very easy, like any other WordPress plugin. You can install and activate it from the Plugins section located within your WordPress site control panel.

You can also download the extension files in the form of a zip file, upload it to your site, and install it easily.

The most important features of adding the Elementor tool:

  • The extension provides a great degree of freedom in customizing website pages and modifying their elements (spaces, fonts, etc.).

  • The plugin is constantly being updated (the last update the tool got was two weeks ago).

  • The extension supports 59 languages

  • The extension is compatible with all different device widths.

  • The plugin provides features that help reduce the loading time of website pages, such as reducing CSS and JS code files.

  • The plugin provides more than 40 free widgets that can be used to customize the elements of your site.

  • The extension is highly rated by most of its users.

  • The extension has a huge technical community that can be relied upon to solve the problems of the tool and its optimal use.

5. Strattic Tool

Strattic Tool

Strattic Tool is one of the Elementor sub-tools that enables you to create a website based on WordPress to manage its content only, in other words, this tool enables you to create a website that is not controlled by WordPress or otherwise known as a headless WordPress site.

The Strattic tool provides you with a WordPress-based site only as a content management system or Content Management System. As for publishing and saving this content, it is done through the Strattic tool.

The control panel and the internal system of the site will be based on WordPress. As for displaying the content, it will be done through the Strattic tool. This means that you can install any additions you want, including the Elementor add-on for editing on the site pages.

Strattic Features:

  • Possibility to schedule content posting.

  • Rapid content publishing feature.

  • A global content distribution and publishing network or CDN.

  • Support for SEO tools like Yoast and Rank Math.

  • Save a backup copy of the site on a daily basis for a month.

  • The ability to protect website pages with passwords.

Strattic has two basic pricing plans:

  • Professional plan for individuals with a monthly subscription of $ 166 … designed to create one website.

  • A plan designed for businesses with a monthly subscription of $466… designed to create three websites.

Strattic also provides the ability to create a professional plan for large companies with special specifications on demand. The price of this plan is determined based on the specifications that are specified. Of course, each plan differs from the other in factors such as download capacity and storage space.

Finally Strattic provides a free trial period of 14 days, during which you can enjoy all the advantages of the tool in creating websites and managing their content.

Elementor Tool Pricing Plans

If you want to get the most out of Elementor and don't like the idea of installing its own plugin, you can choose one of the various pricing plans offered by the tool.

Elementor has four pricing plans that provide the same benefits:

  • More than 100 basic and premium widgets that can be used on your site.

  • The plan gives you the ability to choose your website template from more than 300 standard and premium templates.

  • Add WooCommerce to build online stores.

  • Landing page creation tool.

  • A tool for creating pop-up ad pages.

  • Website template creation tool.

  • Tool for creating registration forms and questionnaires.

  • Distinguished technical support.

  • Email marketing tools.

What the pricing plans differ from each other is the number of professional sites each plan allows for creation.

The Essential Plan, its annual subscription, is $59, and enables you to create one professional website. As for the Advanced Plan, you can create three professional websites for $99 annually.

As for the most popular plan with the Elementor tool, its annual subscription price is $ 199, and it enables you to create 25 professional websites. Finally, the Elementor tool provides a special plan for technology companies that enables them to create a thousand sites for an annual subscription of $ 399.

Unfortunately, Elementor does not provide a plan or a free trial period, however, you can refund your subscription to any plan within 30 days if you do not like the plan you have subscribed to.

Check out Sections of Elementor Tool Site

1. Add-ons Section or Adds on

Elementor Plugins

Plugins section provided by the Elementor tool contains a huge number of plugins that you can install on your site. Of course, these plugins vary between free and paid, and they perform a different number of functions and tasks that improve the appearance and performance of sites.

We recommend that you check out this section whether you intend to subscribe to one of Elementor's plans or use its free add-on.

2. Meetups Section

Meetups Section

Do you have technical questions about how to use Elementor or any other topics related to the website builder industry? Well, lucky for you, the Meetings section of the Elementor tool provides online virtual meetings that provide you with a lot of information about this field.

These meetings are hosted by a group of experts in the fields of technology and website construction around the world. With the click of a button, you can attend a meeting explaining ways to improve the quality of your site's images, or attend a free discussion with Elementor users from around the world.

Given that attending these meetings is easy and free, we believe that viewing this section will definitely benefit you in more than one field. You can access the Meetings section and the Extras section through the Community section.

3. Elementor Learning Tool Sections

a) Sites section created by Elementor or Elementor Showoff tool

This section shows several websites belonging to different domains created by Elementor. In this section, you can learn about Elementor's ability to create pages and websites with a modern, elegant feel.

Also, the websites in this section will inspire you with ideas that you can use while designing your own website, whatever its specialization or field.

b) Elementor Tool Academy

Elementor Tool Academy

The Academy provides three free training courses in website creation and page customization:

  • Creating a blog through the Elementor tool (about 2 hours long, divided into 15 videos).

  • Customizing the design of the website and its pages (about an hour and a half long, divided into 9 video clips).

  • Creating a Portfolio using the Elementor tool (about an hour and a half long, divided into 13 videos).

This section also provides the ability to choose the tools you want to learn and guide you to the videos that explain them directly. Finally, this section also contains short training courses in various areas such as content writing, marketing and search engine optimization.

c) Elementor Blog Tool

The Elementor blog provides a wide variety of useful articles both about the tool itself and about areas related to site building. The blog also provides detailed articles about the new updates that Elementor gets, and how you can take advantage of them on your site.

The blog is divided into several disciplines, such as design, marketing, business, and others, for easy classification of topics.

d) Elementor Tool Seminars

The webinars section provided by Elementor tool gives you the opportunity to communicate with the experts of the tool and ask them about it. The webinars discuss important areas such as design, and offer new methods in areas such as conversions and optimizing the display of your site on different devices.

Most seminars provide a practical explanation of their topics, which means that you can apply to your site in real time and communicate with experts while you do so.


In this article, we have reviewed the Elementor website builder. The tool is considered one of the most successful tools for creating websites and modifying their pages in this field, which prompts its developers to constantly update it, as well as creating a huge technical community for it and cooperating with novice website owners.

Thinking of using Elementor? Which tool will you rely on from the tools provided by Elementor, share with us how you use this tool and what you think about it in the comments.

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