What is CPA ? How Did The CPA Appear ?


Who among us has not heard about working on the Internet, and has not searched here and there, in today's article we will talk a little about the field of CPA, which has been widely spread in the virtual world, what is CPA?  How did he appear?  And how can profit from it?  And examples of CPA offers?

1. What is CPA ?

In the beginning, there was no such thing as CPA, but only COST PER CLICK “CPC” means profit through the visitor’s pressure on your ad, and the most famous of these leading companies is Google Adsense, but this method was not effective and unsatisfactory for some advertising companies, which led to the emergence of “CPM  COST PER MILLE in the sense of revenue per thousand impressions, which is paid by the advertiser to the owner of the publisher.

2. How Did The CPA Appear ?

Among the most important of these companies there is “CPX INTERACTIVE”, in other words, there was no such thing as CPA. What led to its appearance is that some advertisers were dissatisfied and their reluctance led to the emergence of CPA, later on.

This means that the advertiser does not pay until after obtaining what he wants, whether it is selling a product, registering on a site, or downloading a program, and this is the cost per action “CPA” or, as it can be said, profit through a single service, such as fetching an email, or postal code  be between 1 and 3 dollars. There is also the Sele, and here the payment is through each sale that you make, and that ranges between 30 and 200 dollars, and there is also a download plan, that is, payment for everyone who downloads and installs a specific program, and there are a few companies that pay for the customer to download only. Going deeper into this field, we find that CPA generates what is called CPA Networks.

As hundreds of companies working in this field have become, some of them have a good reputation, and many of them have a very bad reputation with me, so that you do not fall into problems, there is a Site.

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