Create a Successful Blog Blogger and Profit For Google AdSense

The Course of Creating a Blogger blog From scratch. In today's Explanation, we Will Learn About What Blogger, How to use it, and The Features of Blogger. The Explanation in This Lesson is an Introduction For Beginners.

1. What is Blogger

It is CMS, which is an acronym for Content Management System, meaning content management system, and it is a platform for creating websites, and it is called Blogger, and it is affiliated with Google.

2. Blogger differs from WordPress in several ways

In terms of archiving, WordPress is considered the strongest in appearing in the search engine, but Blogger also appears, but it is not as strong as sites on the WordPress platform.

There are some things that you can control in WordPress sites that are not available in Blogger, such as changing. In Blogger, you can create a site for writing articles only, for example, but in WordPress, you can create sites with Memberships. 

With regard to SEO, WordPress is certainly easier in this matter, unlike Blogger, you need to have sufficient knowledge of SEO rules in order to rank in the search engines.

3. Advantages of Creating Blogger Blogs

Ease of use and a free platform on which you can create many websites without any fees. It is a great start for beginners in the field of blogging online.

4. Explanation of creating a new Blogger blog for beginners

The second step is to click on login and you are logged in with your Jameel account.

The third step is to click on Create a new blog and enter in the first line the name of the blog and the second the url of the new blog.

HTML in the appearance of the blog again to put the codes of the new template that we want
I will leave you a template at the bottom of the post that is good, acceptable in Adsense, and simple to use.

The important thing is that we will copy the new template code and put it in the place of the cleaning template codes and click Save Appearance, and we will find that the matter has been successfully completed and a new professional template for the blog has been installed easily, and if you want to change the template at any time, follow the same previous steps.

Adjust The General Settings of The Blogger

1. Basic settings for blogger blog

The first thing you did not enter into the settings in the appearance of the blog, you will find many things that we will explain in order. Follow with me.

Title: You write the name of your new blog and you can change it at any time.

Description: We write a blog about anything, such as sports, cooking, technical games, like our website.

Blog Address: This will contain the link that people will use to enter your blog. If you are running on the free Blogger domain, you will be able to change the name as you like, but it will remain blogspot after it. If you want to buy a paid .com domain and install it, you will be able to add it from the blog address.

We explained in the past how to buy a Paid Domain from GoDaddy & Namecheap and a combination on the blog. You can read the explanation.

Security Certificate: This is necessary to make sure that it is activated https.
Finally, the permissions: this includes blog moderators and authors.

2. Prepare Posts and Comments in Blogger

Posts: This limits the blog messages, meaning the number of articles that appear on the home page of your blog. I prefer to choose the number of 7 articles so that the blog is fast with the visitor.

Comments: From it, you specify who can comment on your blog articles, whether it is an unknown person, or you must log in with a Gmail Account.

3. The Language and Coordination in The Blogger Blog

Language: From it, you determine the language of the blog, and it is very important. If the content of the blog is Arabic, you choose Arabic, and if it is foreign, you choose English.

Format: It means the time and date format. The time must be set according to the time zone of your country.

4. Search settings in Blogger Blogs

These search settings are for appearing in the search engine Google, Yahoo, and others. In the truest sense, you must be correct in order for your articles and blog to appear in the search for visitors and to get you visits on your blog.

Description: Put in it a short description of your blog specialized in any field and with any progress. Crawlers and indexing programs: their explanation needs such a part, but I have explained them before and you can see the explanation.

robots.txt: Custom robots text file How to add a ready robots.txt file to your blog.

Header tags for robots: These are commands that we direct to search engines, telling them to archive any of the blogs in Google and which ones we don’t want to be archived in Google.

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