Drop Servicing - How To Earn From it $500+/Day

How to Make Money on Drop Servicing
Drop Servicing -  How To Earn From it $500+/Day

The methods of profit from the Internet must have multiplied now, and these methods have become reckoned with after they were just “playing on the Internet” previously, especially after many made thousands of dollars through them, but not all methods available for profit from the Internet are legal or fair so to speak.  

This sells you ridiculous courses for tens of dollars under the name of digital education, and that sells you a product at double the price under the name of dropshipping and so forth.

And speaking of DropShipping, have you ever heard of Dropservicing?  In this article we will provide all possible information and data about the field of DropServicing, which today has also become one of the areas that many people use to profit from the Internet, whether you agree whether this method is really fair or not, we - and it is our duty - to provide you with a complete definition.  It has all the information about it, and it remains in front of you to judge and choose whether it is a good method or otherwise.

What is DropShipping and How Is it  Different From DropServicing?

In order to understand DropServicing, you must have an initial idea about Dropshipping, the latter depends on searching for products from online purchasing platforms such as Aliexpress, then re-marketing the product at a more expensive price while adding some aesthetics to it, so that it is made  A site dedicated to that product (or the niche in which the product is active), then it is marketed and promoted with funded ads on social media platforms at a high price. 

A customer comes from these platforms and buys the product at that double price, so the owner of the site buys it from the Aliexpress platform and ships it to him at its normal price.  The Dropshipper (and he is the one who performs this process) wins through the profit difference between buying the product at the price he set and buying it at the original price.

Dropshipping relies entirely on physical products such as clothes, digital devices, or anything like that.  DropServicing, on the other hand, relies entirely on intangible products, and we are talking here about services and digital business operations of all kinds.

A Closer Look at DropServicing and How it Works

DropServicing in general is creating a platform that allows you to receive services and requests at a specific price, then you request them from freelancers and freelancers to do them at a lower price, so you win from the difference between the two services.

For a Closer example suppose the following: You create a website or a web page in which you claim that you are a professional designer. 

You design logos, visual identities, and that type of design, then you promote them through your accounts on social media platforms and try to attract the largest number of customers, as soon as someone writes to you and  He asks you to create a specific “logo” for him, you ask him for a price of $50, for example, and the customer agrees. You then go to microservices or freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Fiverr, or Freelancer, then you ask one of them to complete the work for $20, so he does it and  You send it to its owner, and you get a profit of $ 30 in this case.

DropServicing as if it sounds mean, is not as successful as Dropshipping. 

However the difference between the two areas may be that DropServicing still has a very weak confrontation, unlike Dropshipping, in which the competition has become very great among everyone.

DropServicing a profitable field?

Like other areas on the web, the profit depends on the amount of effort spent on the work. DropServicing may not be profitable if you are one of the people who want to profit from it today before tomorrow, and it can be very profitable if you configure everything correctly, and you can  Determine what is required with high accuracy, and you have marketed yourself well.

But in general and compared to other services such as DropShipping, Affiliating, and others, DropServicing is considered a bit of a failure compared to them because the possibility of obtaining customers and customers is difficult, as most people now have a comprehensive idea about freelancing and its affiliated platforms, and would prefer  Visit those sites first before requesting your services separately, not to mention the trust factor that may be somewhat nonexistent without intermediary platforms such as self-employment platforms.

How do you get started in DropServicing?

 DropServicing depends on a set of sequential steps that must be followed in order to achieve the desired goal, which is to collect profit through it. Here are the most prominent of these steps:

▪ Determine the field of service that you will review: You have to do a complete study to know the most needed services currently, for example, going to the field of writing or translation services may not be a good idea because it is a field that is full and very cheap to work (you cannot ask to translate a file for $ 100  While it is available for $ 10 in many platforms).  

On the other hand, areas such as Motion Graphics may be a successful idea because it is a field that is still not full and has low prices (5 seconds for $5, for example, may bring you good profit).

▪ Determine the customers who will perform the work: In order to provide a specific service, you must know your level first and your method of work, and because you will request the service, not you will manufacture it, you must know the level of those with whom it is used, reviewing previous business models for them, in addition to knowing their prices in order to determine your own pricing  Which you will work with later, in this case go to the freelance platforms in order to search for your loyal clients who will work for you.  

▪ Creating the website and social media accounts: The idea here is that you will create controversy on social media platforms about your provided services, and it will be requested through your own platform (which is the site that you will create), and then you will take the request to social media platforms, so you have to focus on creating  A professional site that accepts payment, of course, and also attempts to market your pages on social networking sites.  Paid ads: Then you conclude your work with some paid ads, whether to promote your pages on communication platforms, or on specific sites or search engines as well.

What are the possible difficulties with DropServicing?

A lot, DropServicing is difficult to achieve and difficult to deal with and requires double effort compared to other profit methods, and you will also need a lot of material and financial resources in order to achieve the desired goal, these are some of the most important difficulties that you may find in this field:

▪ Finding the appropriate services: Mostly High-Quality services will have a high price, and therefore you cannot double the price or add a large increase in the price in order to meet the demand, for example, suppose you are looking for a high-quality Android application development service, you may find a price  The service exceeds $800, which is already a high amount, so you cannot make it $1000, especially for new customers who will visit your site.  

▪ Finding the right customer: The customer when he seriously thinks about requesting any service, he searches for the best and does not go directly to a simple advertisement in order to fulfill his requests, but rather visits this site and browses this group and talks with this and that, so he takes an idea first about the prices  Thus your prices may be high compared to the average prices that he previously found, so the probability of getting customers is greatly reduced.  

▪ The high cost of the website and advertising: It will cost you a lot before getting your first service, which makes drop servicing not a good idea at all for those who are traveling for the first time in this field, and it is recommended only for those who want to expand the circle of their projects, nothing less or more.

So in short DropServicing is a good field, but it costs a lot and requires a lot as well, and it needs some cunning and skill in order to succeed in it.

Imead Rmouche
By : Imead Rmouche
Programmer and developer of websites. I have been working in the fields of print-on-demand as a designer since 2019. I have entered into many fields of business and profit online , and I strive to be a part of foreign technical content in an effort to enrich this content in various fields.

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