How to Earn $1000 For Jumia Affiliate in 2023

Profit from Internet has become of a special nature and its importance has increased in an unbelievable way, due to the change in the entire economic world, regardless of the country in which the business is practiced in its various fields.  The Internet is no longer a means of exchanging information and obtaining friendships only, but it is also a means of managing and manufacturing a variety of commercial businesses, on top of which all e-commerce comes, hence the profit from the Internet through it. E-commerce has several means, the most important of which is electronic stores of different specializations.

In this article, we will get to know one of the largest online stores, and even the most famous of them on the level of the entire African continent, by knowing all the different Jumia platforms that you can benefit from in order to succeed in the field of making money via the Internet through it.  We will also have another talk in which we will discuss the best ways to profit from Jumia, and we will also explain the most important tips that undoubtedly help to achieve the required success in trade and commercial exchange at Jumia.  Thus, we have an integrated topic that contains everything that concerns you about the Jumia website.

We think now that you are excited enough to start the adventure, so please do not miss the opportunity and read the upcoming information on this subject very carefully, as it contains everything that interests you for sure.

1. What is Jumia?

It is a site that was created in Lagos, the giant Nigerian city that was the capital of the country until recently, and that was in 2012, and both “Jeremy Hodara” and “Sacha Poinonik” are the actual founders of that giant company that was known at the time as “Africa Internet Groupe.” 

Before it was called Jumia.  This company achieves huge profits estimated at more than two hundred million US dollars, and the value of the company is estimated at about one billion US dollars.

Because of the company’s strength and success, it has contracted with “Carrefour”, “Telcoin” and others to facilitate its business, as the site has many platforms, each with a special purpose and specific services provided to the target audience, such as “Jumia Travel” for booking travel tickets, and “Jumia Food” for ordering and delivering food.  As well as both “Jumia Deals” and “Jumia One” in order to make it easier for the public to pay various bills, and of course “Jumia Pay” for easier shopping through the Jumia website itself, and so Jumia surprises us every year with new developments that help make its business and projects easier and better, which is what  Make it a place of public trust in Africa as a whole.

2.  Jumia Affiliate (Affiliate Marketing)

Jumia, or any online store in general, needs huge publicity that attracts the audience and converts most of them into customers.  But the difference here in Jumia is that it has chosen a distinctive method of advertising, through which it can properly grow its sales volume, and this is represented by Jumia Affiliate, which is considered as a method of advertising, it is also considered a distinctive way to profit from the Jumia website, so you will  Mention it to you in some detail.

Jumia Affiliate is based on customers who have websites, accounts for social networking sites, or YouTube channels, in which they advertise the various Jumia products.  

Where they use the links related to Jumia products in their different websites and accounts, so that customers can buy through them, so that the commission marketing process (affiliate marketing) succeeds in making profits.  

And here you get money from the Jumia website with almost no capital, so it is undoubtedly a preferred method for a large number of people.

Steps to Register With Jumia Affiliate:

This is Done Through This Link, Through Which you fill out the subscription form, and then through your email you create a password for your account.  And now you are on Jumia Affiliate, where you can get reports of your business later, as well as create your own links in Jumia Affiliate, which we will explain in the next section of the article.

How to Make a Jumia Affiliate Link:

This is done through the “Link Builder” icon, where you can convert any link in the Jumia store into an affiliate link of your own, so that once the customer purchases through it, you get your commission immediately, there are also other icons that can help you in Jumia Affiliate on  For example, but not limited to, the “Support Support” icon, by clicking on which the “Commission Model” option will appear, and through it you will be able to obtain the commission percentage for all types of products. There is also a “Banner Generator” icon through which you can get  Jumia banners in order to place them on your site that helps you with commission marketing, and so many icons that will help you.

Ways to earn from Jumia Affiliate:

They are methods characterized by doubling profits, and they do not cost huge amounts of money, such as television advertisements, for example, and many of them are easy and simple to use.  These methods are:

 3. Create a Website

This is either by creating a website on WordPress with a specific subscription, and here is the guide to creating a website on WordPress (Just Click Here). Through this article, you can write a lot of articles and put graphic content and videos showing the quality of the Jumia products that you advertise.  Here you will find that you also have to search for a hosting company and obtain domains at a reasonable price, depending on the nature of your site that you have established.

Also, do not forget that it is necessary, in order to attract thousands of visitors daily, to provide renewed content on the site that is commensurate with the nature of the customers you are targeting, and is also appropriate for the nature of the products and services that you decided to promote with the Jumia Affiliate system (commission marketing).  Therefore, if you are not an expert in creating such content, it is preferable to seek the help of someone who has experience in the matter.

Finally, it is preferable that the site specializes in a specific type of product, as this makes you achieve faster success on Jumia affiliate than the general sites.  Specialized sites attract targeted customers without others who do not want to buy.  Thus, you can work in their desires without any distraction or effort.

4. Youtube Marketing

Through the videos that you make and publish on your YouTube channel, in which you explain the features of Jumia products, viewers interact and some buy these products from Jumia through your affiliate link that you put below the video, and then you get your commission.

The advantage here on YouTube is that you earn in two ways. The first, of course, that I previously told you about is the Jumia commission, which varies according to the price of the product, the number of buyers, etc., and the second way to profit is represented in the YouTube views that you get, where you get an amount of $ 6 for each  thousand views.

The most important conditions for profit from YouTube are that the videos are of high quality, that the videos are not cut off from the channel so that the audience continues to follow them.  And you can rely on professionals to shoot these videos, as well as it is preferable to have good writers to write the content, with of course the presence of someone who can do montage and other such matters related to your videos, and thus we guarantee you the success of this method for sure.

5. Social Media Marketing

Olamide Amosu, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, emphasized that social media has played an important role in the success of Jumia and e-commerce in Nigeria.

“Jumia has been able to harness the huge potential of this medium to create awareness and build trust in an e-commerce industry that was still very unpopular in its early stage.  One of the most important of these means is Facebook and Instagram. For more information about affiliate marketing (commission marketing), here are these articles:

6. The Meaning of Dropshipping

The term dropshipping has appeared in electronic commerce operations recently to denote that electronic merchant who only buys the amount of goods that customers request from him, and this is to avoid accumulation or not selling them to him and then exposure to a terrible loss, also for those who do not have capital, this will be the way  The best way to trade online for him, where he gets the price in advance from customers, buys part of it from Jumia, and the rest is his net profit, without any adventure or risk of any kind.

How to start working in dropshipping?

All you have to do is choose the products that you have experience in selling, evaluating, and doing the appropriate marketing for them. Of course, you have to choose from the Jumia website what is of the highest quality, in order for customers to accept them, and this turnout translates into purchases, which means getting your profit. The net, and the size of your project and your revenues is constantly growing, and to start working in the field of drop shipping on Jumia.

Advantages of dropshipping at Jumia:

  • Dropshipping is less risky for beginners in the field of profit from the Internet.

  • Dropshipping is less expensive than other methods. 

  • Dropshipping is the most effective and easy way to implement. 

  • You need to buy your products only when one of your customers requests.

7. How to choose the right products for dropshipping?

And this is known, dear readers, from the profitable niche. Hey, dear reader, you must be wondering now, what is the meaning of this term?  It's okay, basically, the niche means specialization, and it is divided into all the big niche, the sub-niche, and the micro-niche, and here's an example so that you understand the matter.  Your first steps with Jumia and dropshipping, it is better to rely on the micro-niche, as this makes the volume of competition less for you, as you are not distracted between different types of goods and your focus is concentrated around a specific type of customers and goods, which is important for beginners, and this is the profitable niche without a doubt  And in addition to its characteristics, it is also suitable for the customers you deal with or target in your dealings in general, with this you will choose the appropriate products for dropshipping without a doubt.

8. Tips for earning from Jumia:

It is necessary to give your work with Jumia enough time and effort and not rush to make profits, and without that we do not guarantee that you will achieve success on Jumia. Only reading is what I advise you to do, but also adhere to all these conditions and rules so as not to expose yourself to any fines that deprive you of your profits or expose you to a great loss instead of making money. Be a good follower of the product market in which you deal, as this not only gives you experience, but also makes you aware  It is good in its conditions, which makes you develop your products that you display to the public if you are a merchant, or you know which goods customers are attracted to, so you market them with commission or become a consultant in selling them, which helps you achieve more commissions. 

It is necessary to seek help from the Jumia support team, especially  They are very cooperative and friendly, and at the same time they have experience and high knowledge of the nature of the site, and with all of the above, you can make good profits and not bear any loss of any kind. 

Let your products that you offer on Jumia, if you are a merchant, be on an excellent level of atmosphere. This is what makes you preferred over the competitors on the site. Also, your products must be at reasonable prices without exaggerating their price, thinking that you will achieve higher profits. In fact, in this case, you will not achieve any profit because the audience will turn away from your products completely because of  Prices that do not correspond to what he will get from the goods, as they are higher in price than what is common in the market.

9. Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the profit commission from Jumia?

This commission varies according to your position on Jumia, meaning are you a merchant and will Jumia get a commission from you?  Or are you working in commission marketing with the Jumia affiliate system and get profits from every sale that takes place through your links, or are you a J-Force consultant, depending on the price of products, commissions and the country in which you reside, your commission will be determined.

How Can I follow up and Get Profits?

With regard to following up on profits, we find that this is done, for example, in the case of the J-Force system, from your account on the same system, where it shows you purchase reports and the various commissions that are calculated for you, while in Jumia affiliate there is a quick link in your account in order to access commission reports, as for the icon  Reporting It is concerned with displaying your account reports, including but not limited to the number of clicks on your affiliate links, as well as the number of conversion times, even commissions, and so as for how to obtain the money and the profits that you achieved on Jumia, it is fortunate that Jumia has multiple payment systems to suit the conditions and work of various merchants, marketers and consultants, but here we advise you to rely on bank transfer, as it is the most important and best payment method on Jumia, and you can through the icon  payment You set up your account and select the payment method you prefer on Jumia.

Are the costs of setting up an online store the same as the costs of operating on Jumia?

Yes, but it is necessary to know that your presence with Jumia is better than setting up a new store due to the millions of customers and visitors who enter and deal with the site daily, in addition to the high confidence that it enjoys from its customers, which cannot be achieved in a short time in your new store that  Certainly, he will not reach Jumia's status and fame until after a long time

How to choose a suitable affiliate marketing product?

This topic is very important to make profits in the first place through Jumia Affiliate, it is unreasonable to choose products that are not desirable and do not match the fashion to promote them, because most people will not pay attention to them, and therefore you will not achieve any profits, so you must choose products that suit the nature of your customers  Who you deal with through the various means that can help you in marketing with Jumia Affiliate, exactly as you will know later.


We believe that with this article we were able to cover the important point for most people, which is profit from Jumia, but we also talked enough about profit from the Internet in general and profit from Jumia in particular through this site, through different methods such as Jumia Affiliate, selling on Jumia, Jumia Force, and Jumia Drop Shipping.  Now you have a comprehensive and detailed idea of ​​how to profit from the Internet, or in another way, to earn money through the Internet. Jumia is the best profit site from the Internet, which, by knowing it from the previous lines of my article, will achieve what you want in terms of success and money.

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