What is Artificial Intelligence ? How To Earn From it ?

Explaining Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the simplest terms, AI refers to systems or devices that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and that can improve themselves based on the information they Collect, Artificial Intelligence manifests in a Number of forms. Some Examples:

▪  Chatbots use (AI) to understand customer issues faster and provide more efficient answers AI-based players use it to parse critical information from large pools of text data to improve scheduling

▪  Recommendation engines can make automated recommendations for TV Shows Based on users Viewing Habits

▪  Artificial intelligence is more about the ability to think superiorly and analyze data than it is about a particular form or function.  

Although (AI) presents images of high-performance, human-like robots taking over the world, it does not aim to replace humans.  It aims to greatly enhance human capabilities and contributions.  Which makes it a very valuable business asset.

Artificial Intelligence Terminology

Artificial intelligence has become an umbrella term for applications that perform complex tasks that once required human input, such as communicating with customers over the Internet or playing a game of chess. The term is often used interchangeably with its subfields, which include machine learning and deep learning,  However there are differences. For Example Machine Learning focuses on creating systems that learn or improve their performance based on the data they consume.  It is important to note that although all machine learning is (AI), not all (AI) is machine Learning.

To get the full value from AI, many companies are making significant investments in data science teams. Data Science an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific and other methods to extract value from data, combines skills drawn from fields such as statistics and computer science with scientific knowledge to analyze data collected from multiple sources.

The world is now heading towards investing in artificial intelligence, as most companies invest huge sums of money in this field, and among these companies we find Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, this makes the opportunity to get a job greater, so I wanted to introduce you to this topic  The new contains 4 ways in which you can profit from artificial intelligence, so follow the explanation with me.

 1. Earning From Data Collection

This method does not require you to learn anything, the field of artificial intelligence depends a lot on data that enables the machine to learn, and what you have to do is collect the data and sell it on a microservices website or on the Dawex or Data & Sons Platform, but what kind of data is required ?  All data is required, whether it is text, images, or even sounds, but provided that it is arranged, in large quantity, legally and ethically, and that it is not stolen.

 2. Working As a Freelancer

You can work as a Freelancer with the help of companies and people in their projects, and the most demanded areas are Computer Vision or natural language processors LNP, The Most Popular Platforms that provide you with Freelance Work Are: Mostaql, Upwork, and Freelancer

 3. Participation in Challenges and   Competitions

 If you think that your level of artificial intelligence has become more professional, then you can participate in some challenges that may make you rich in the blink of an eye where you can get up to 5 million dollars, but provided that you outperform the rest of the competitors in solving some problems related to artificial intelligence, and  Here are some sites that offer a variety of challenges: Xprize, Kaggle, Battlecode

 4. Earning of Creating Content:

 All you have to do in this field is to publish what you have learned on one of the course platforms such as Udemy or Coursera in exchange for the subscription amount, or you can create a blog to publish educational content and profit from ads, and for information, the Arabic content in the field of artificial intelligence is somewhat poor, so your posting of your knowledge will help a lot with it  And you will make good money.

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